What You Will Learn


Technical Help

Get expert help optimizing the design and performance of your web site.


Make valuable connections with bloggers and industry representatives.

Photography / Video

Learn basic and more advanced techniques for improving your multimedia work.


Discuss important industry issues and strategies with experienced bloggers.


Review writing techniques and discuss methods for improvement.

Social Media

Learn important techniques and strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

What People Thought of #BlogHouse

The sessions were fantastic, but the greatest value is having a new group of people to lean on as we all continue to grow and build our blogs.

The advice I got and the relationships I made at BlogHouse far and beyond exceeded what I was seeking. I’d recommend it to anyone who is serious about taking their travel blogging to the next level.


I walked away from there after 3.5 days feeling like not only did I have a grasp on my future concerning blogging, but like I’d made a ton of new friends and gained a ton of awesome mentors.

The days in the castle were intense in many ways: Learning so much that you were afraid your brain would explode anytime soon, becoming slightly desperate about all that computer stuff (SEO, WordPress, newsletters, plugins, installments… and the little clapping monkey in my brain), but at the same time receiving so many good tips regarding writing, social media, and improving so many little things I never even knew could be improved.

I learned a huge amount about how to create and maintain a successful blog.

I learned a lot. I finally understood concepts that had to be hammered into my brain.

My time at the blog house, in the end, was crazy inspiring not only because we were around people who are so enamored with what they do, but who also equally believed in what we do.

After Blog House, I felt like I had formed a solid plan for The Kay Days. And now that I’m on the path, I’m ready to get on my feet and go.

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