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What our attendees say about #BlogHouse

I really appreciated the constructive criticism received during the mentoring and WordPress review. I didn’t attend BlogHouse to have someone tell me they like my blog, I have parents and friends for that, I attended to have someone(s) help make it better and take my skills to the next level.

Bloghouse is a great experience if you’re serious about making your blog successful. Imagine have access to a number of established travel bloggers at a conference where their sole purpose is to help YOU make your travel blog better?

As well as the spectacular setting, it was a fantastic experience and one which I’ll definitely never forget.

Navigate Media Group had assembled some of the best minds in the business to coach us into being the best writers we can be

I walked away from there after 3.5 days feeling like not only did I have a grasp on my future concerning blogging, but like I’d made a ton of new friends and gained a ton of awesome mentors.

The days in the castle were intense in many ways: Learning so much that you were afraid your brain would explode anytime soon, becoming slightly desperate about all that computer stuff (SEO, WordPress, newsletters, plugins, installments… and the little clapping monkey in my brain), but at the same time receiving so many good tips regarding writing, social media, and improving so many little things I never even knew could be improved.

Travel bloggers are incredibly passionate, talented and interesting people. I was expecting that.  I wasn’t expecting the sense of community I felt from the first moment we stood in the kitchen together and decided to open the wine and explore the castle.  I didn’t expect mornings gathered around the kitchen table, the all-out effort to maintain a constant coffee supply, the morale building conversations and the pervasive spirit of generosity… sharing ideas, advice and friendship.

BlogHouse has made all the difference for me as I build my blog, and grow my brand.

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