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What our attendees say about #BlogHouse

The sessions were fantastic, but the greatest value is having a new group of people to lean on as we all continue to grow and build our blogs.

The one-on-one mentorship and intimate setting with other travel bloggers is worth every cost to attend BlogHouse.

So what did I take away from such a singular experience? Besides several kilos gained in sampling the best Catalán cuisine and far too much vino tinto, I found encouragement, confidence and support from 14 amazing new friends and the belief that I can take this little blog of mine so much further than I ever dreamed when I started (shudder) a Blogspot account 2 years ago.

BlogHouse was a great opportunity to network with some of the best in the industry, and also come together with other bloggers who face the same challenges as you. BlogHouse was a great opportunity to learn and grow as a blogger, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

BlogHouse has made all the difference for me as I build my blog, and grow my brand.

It also teaches a lot of practical skills that extend beyond travel blogging, like self-branding and pitching and establishing partnerships – practical people skills which are useful for anyone, entrepreneur or not, to know.

BlogHouse turned out to be more valuable than I ever expected. I left the four-day workshop not only bursting with new blogging ideas and armed with practical advice, but with a group of encouraging friends and colleagues who have already been a great source of help and inspiration. I can’t recommend it enough!

BlogHouse was an intense and valuable chance to sit down and really focus on my blog and be surrounded with like-minded bloggers all supporting one another to grow together.

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