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What our attendees say about #BlogHouse

BlogHouse is a must for intermediate level bloggers looking to up their game, get over a traffic plateau and reinvigorate their site. I loved how open and forthcoming all the mentors were at sharing their skills and experience. It was definitely more valuable than attending a larger industry conference for the openness, the atmosphere and the supportive community spirit of the event.

We have been to other travel blog conferences, but none come close in comparison to what BlogHouse offered. The mentors were great at sharing their expertise with attendees and the small group size allowed for us to cultivate a deeper relationship with other bloggers like no other conference has.

I learned a huge amount about how to create and maintain a successful blog.

BlogHouse ended up being exactly what a developing blogger like me was looking for – a small group setting focused on finding and strengthening my overall foundation. The knowledge I gained was constructive, direct, and immediately actionable, which has helped me to build towards a much needed longer-term strategy.

I really appreciated the constructive criticism received during the mentoring and WordPress review. I didn’t attend BlogHouse to have someone tell me they like my blog, I have parents and friends for that, I attended to have someone(s) help make it better and take my skills to the next level.

The relationships I got from BlogHouse far exceeded my expectations. I came expecting workshops, but instead I left with a family.

Not only did I learn masses but I met a group of like minded travel bloggers. After feeling as if I were writing in a void, I now have the tools, knowledge and, most importantly, the support to grow Best Bits Worldwide into a viable business.

The days in the castle were intense in many ways: Learning so much that you were afraid your brain would explode anytime soon, becoming slightly desperate about all that computer stuff (SEO, WordPress, newsletters, plugins, installments… and the little clapping monkey in my brain), but at the same time receiving so many good tips regarding writing, social media, and improving so many little things I never even knew could be improved.

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