What You Will Learn


Social Media

Learn important techniques and strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Technical Help

Get expert help optimizing the design and performance of your web site.

Photography / Video

Learn basic and more advanced techniques for improving your multimedia work.


Review writing techniques and discuss methods for improvement.


Discuss important industry issues and strategies with experienced bloggers.


Make valuable connections with bloggers and industry representatives.

What People Thought of #BlogHouse

I learned a huge amount about how to create and maintain a successful blog.

It also teaches a lot of practical skills that extend beyond travel blogging, like self-branding and pitching and establishing partnerships – practical people skills which are useful for anyone, entrepreneur or not, to know.

I was starting to get some traction with my page views before Bloghouse but it was slow going. After putting the workshop stuff into practice, I saw my numbers more than double from 10,000 per month to over 20,000 in a few months..and they’re still climbing.

BlogHouse left me full of new knowledge and tools, and most importantly, feeling invigorated, inspired and confident that the travel blogging profession is not only real, but it is important. I know that I am on the right path.

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