What You Will Learn


Technical Help

Get expert help optimizing the design and performance of your web site.


Review writing techniques and discuss methods for improvement.


Discuss important industry issues and strategies with experienced bloggers.


Make valuable connections with bloggers and industry representatives.

Social Media

Learn important techniques and strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Photography / Video

Learn basic and more advanced techniques for improving your multimedia work.

What People Thought of #BlogHouse

Travel bloggers are incredibly passionate, talented and interesting people. I was expecting that.  I wasn’t expecting the sense of community I felt from the first moment we stood in the kitchen together and decided to open the wine and explore the castle.  I didn’t expect mornings gathered around the kitchen table, the all-out effort to maintain a constant coffee supply, the morale building conversations and the pervasive spirit of generosity… sharing ideas, advice and friendship.

Bloghouse is a great experience if you’re serious about making your blog successful. Imagine have access to a number of established travel bloggers at a conference where their sole purpose is to help YOU make your travel blog better?

Instead of laughing in my face, the mentors at Bloghouse taught me patiently, step step, and showed me tips in four days that would have taken years to learn by myself. My writing, layout, niche, and outlook have all improved dramatically, and my site traffic has tripled just one month after Bloghouse.

We spent our days learning the intricate details of fine tuning our content, creating better videos and the overall art of travel blogging.

I could go on and on about what I learned at the BlogHouse but what I am cherishing are the relationships. After 2.5 years of blogging I now feel more apart of the travel community than ever before and I whole heartedly extend invitations to those I’ve met…

The hands-on learning, personalized site audits and back-end review, and mentorship from some of the best bloggers in the business is absolutely priceless. I came home with a list of 41 specific action items –  some minor tweaks, some much bigger. These are over and above the improvements I made during the workshop.

More importantly though, I came home a member of a close-knit, supportive, community, feeling empowered, optimistic, and excited about the future of my blog.

Navigate Media Group had assembled some of the best minds in the business to coach us into being the best writers we can be

After Blog House, I felt like I had formed a solid plan for The Kay Days. And now that I’m on the path, I’m ready to get on my feet and go.

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