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Navigate Media Group brings brands to life by reaching the hearts and minds of consumers through personal storytelling.

Social media is no longer just an option. Brands that continue to devote their resources solely to traditional media will be left behind. It is an excellent complement to a traditional media plan, connecting with consumers on a personal level.

We are a group of professional travel bloggers – writers, photographers, video producers, marketers and digital media experts – redesigning travel blogging by creating a powerful media platform to engage and inspire consumers to act.


Strength in Numbers

We bring a strong reach with solid frequency. More than 500,000 people read our travel websites each month. Additionally, our reach across top social networks, includes 90,000 Twitter followers and 35,000 Facebook fans.

If you are looking to build your social media presence or strengthen it, we have the attention of consumers who are eager to listen.



Blogs complement a traditional media plan by offering the ability to tell the story beyond a bucket list of activities and sights to see. There is an opportunity to build relevance by sharing the personal connection, the experience of being somewhere.

When deciding between two beach destinations, a 5-star hotel room photo doesn’t help the consumer choose. Blogging creates resonance for those searching for what a destination is truly like – the sights and sounds, the feelings in the air, the adrenaline rushes and blissful relaxation.

Storytelling is powerful. It can change minds, get a destination on the consideration list or encourage a consumer to act immediately.


A Trusted Voice

Not too long ago media influencers were few: the travel section of big newspapers, glossy magazines and slick travel shows.

With the popularity of customer reviews and word of mouth, sites like TripAdvisor exploded. It created not only a new voice for the consumer, but also information overload.

Consumers want to know who they can trust.

The Navigate Media Blogs have established authority and trust. Hundreds of thousands of readers return to our sites week after week looking for inspiration, ideas, and tips on where to go and how to get there. Interaction is not only on each website, but also through social media channels.


Evergreen Content

It was only a short time ago that magazines cornered the market on lasting power. And why not? They had a physical presence in homes and doctor’s offices far longer than any other media.

Today, online content is evergreen – not only is it blasted to a target audience at the time of publication, but it lives on through cross-promotion and Google searches. Posts with photos and videos remain relevant on sites for years as readers go back to trusted sources to see where they went, what they did, and how they liked it.


Power of Digital Media

The number one objective for your destination is discovering that increase its presence to more people. The power of social media achieves this if harnessed properly. We have a vast collective knowledge of the most effective strategies, as well as the cautionary pitfalls. Our extensive experience can exponentially benefit your organization.


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