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Moving past the conventional press trip to meet your marketing objectives

Travel Features

With our established websites, each ranging from 2-6 years old, we receive more than 500,000 combined monthly pageviews consisting of more than 175,000 unique monthly visitors, and reach more than 8000 newsletter subscribers from all around the world.

Each post is supported through site subscription, social media promotion and search engine optimization.


Photography & Videography

Rather than hiring additional photographers or videographers, our custom packages fit these needs with fresh current content for you, including support and training. We can provide your company with high-quality non-watermarked photos and videos for your use. We can also provide training and tips to create some of your own high quality photos and videos.


Social Media with Measurable Results

Navigate Media Group also offers live social media updates from locations with custom hashtags to help Twitter users and your brand’s own followers easily find the stream of information.

Beyond Twitter and Facebook, our team is well established on other social media platforms: Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Stumbleupon, Foodspotting and Foursquare can combine to create awareness about your location.


Social Media Training

Navigate Media Group is equipped to instruct and assist with your social media training. We offer half-day to multi-day seminars, including a pre-seminar survey to determine the levels of knowledge and understanding of social media. We will help you design a package that suits the needs of your company.


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